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Zoltán Balla

Cinematographer Zoltan Balla, vice-president of the KopiaKollektiva Association, graduated from the Sapientia Hungarian University of Cluj-Napoca (EMTE) with a BA in 2014 and a MA in 2017. He is currently working as an external employee of MTVA in Bucharest.


In his creative work, he mainly deals with experimental, short film and documentary filming, examining the possibilities of connecting still and moving images in terms of time and space.


It uses long-lasting, jargon “still” camera settings. In his photographically composed cut-outs, the viewer’s gaze sees the meditative flow of events that are not pre-arranged but expected and expected from the point of view of an accidentally stray eyewitness. The skyline of the sea, the monotonous knocking of the summer showers on the windshield, a woman washing a car, could all seem seemingly banal to themselves, but Zoltán's sophisticated sensitivity to detail points out: something is happening to this nothing. The quiet, in-depth contemplation that will dominate the viewer is the exact opposite of all that today’s fast-fashioned, flickering motion picture dumping offers.

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