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Wheeled Emőke

Iosif Alexe Koloman

My works are mostly characterized by long-term, complex photo projects, in which I examine the mechanisms of the memory culture and the attitude-processing attitude of our region (Eastern Europe). When creating my photo series, I place great emphasis on the collector's background work and research, which helps to deepen and authenticate the creative process.
In the final visual representation of my subjects, I also strive to create a more complex photographic language, either by mixing elements of photographic style cues or by using different imaging tools together.

Portfóliók: Emoke
Portfóliók: Zoltan

Zoltán Balla

The meeting of man, space and time in one place, a frame, within which the image is created, a visual phenomenon in different forms, planes and dynamics. It is in this framework that I have to find the story, which I reflect on with my camera, where I look at it from a distance.
Where does the story begin and how long does it last? Do we always have to tell a story, or is it enough to contemplate, pass through our own filters what is happening?  I look for answers to these questions in the movies I create.

Holhos Fanni: Folyik a tej / The milk is leaking / Curge laptele
Végső mosás
Coexistence/Együttlét/Resolidarizare - Balla Zoltán, Kerekes Emőke, Berci - 2020
Portfóliók: Gergely

Gergely Fazakas

I graduated in media in Cluj-Napoca, I studied photography, film, image, text, camera, film development techniques. Willingly or unwillingly, but I always see the world in pictures, the pictures are always with me, I like to look at them, to look at the world, if it turns out, I can capture what I see. Be it a black and black film or digital machine, photo albums or mobile phone-centric Instagram but sooner or later I’ll end up with pictures. I want to deal with them more in the future. For me, a good photo is about a man and just one picture tells a whole big story.